Hey it's Christa, I figured I would give you an update on Buster. He's fitting in fine here, his tail is always wagging. You were right, he does snore very loud, but it makes me laugh. He loves to sleep on my bed, in fact sometimes he'll act like he can't get on the bed, so when i get up to pick him up, he'll jump up and take the place where i was laying. It seems that everytime we go to bed for the night, he always lays on all my blankets, so I usualy have to contort my body to have blankets. I also attached a few photos of him with the email, let me know if you have any trouble viewing them. He's really very happy here. Thanks!!


The day after Thanksgiving my son and I came to your house and adopted a female rescue dachshund. She liked my son right away, but was not friendly to me. In fact, she seemed to only like men. We didnít have too much of a rough start except for some random peeing in the house. That is now much better. We took her to the vet right away and she wanted the dog to lose some weight. I am happy to report that she has. She has really relaxed in this last month. I can see it in her face. She now loves me and allows kisses and cuddling. If you tried to kiss or cuddle her before Ė she would growl. She loves the loving attention now. Our other Dachshund loved her from the start. They had one pretty good fight the second night over a chew, but the winner was our male and she now knows her place. However, they love each other. As soon as extra money is available she will be fixed. We love her and are so glad to have her.

Thank you.

Kathy Vanoven

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