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October is almost here so let’s honor Breast Cancer

I am a breast Cancer survivor! You can see my fight in links

 Anyone who takes a guardian now through October 15, we will give you a puppy for only $400! If you take 2 Guardianship adults your puppy is free! Don’t want a 3rd dog? No problem. How about if we pay you $250 per successful litter until they retire!

Need homes, so I can have My surgery! This deal ends 10/15/19! 

Available Guardians And adults for sale as listed

Angel born 10/9/17


Angel is sweet Lean and great with children and dogs. Very affectionate. Her guardian moved away 😔Video on bottom

Angelica born 10/9/17


Ang was in a home w/ Crystal but they divorced. Can go Together or seperate. Housebroken affectionate

sweet girl 

prefer guardianship but can sell for only $1200 on spay contract

video on bottom

beautiful champion lines

If taken with Crystal will do both girls for only $700

Crystal born 10/9/17


C was in home w/ Ang but they divorced so they are home. Together or separate. Great ok

sweet girls Video below

If Taken with Angelica both girls discounted to $700 together 

Piper born 5/31/18


Sweet girl housebroke.prefers older kids. Uses pads.great with dogs. Still learning 

Can sell spay contract $1000

Video below

Jp English cream stud born 5/7/16


Our top long coat stud. Great boy. Super sweet loves almost everyone. Great with dogs.Video below

More Available Guardians

Chance born 9/5/16


Chance is our Russian import stud. That’s right we imported him. His brother won at Nationals his sister did the geico commercial during puppybowl. Very sweet housebroke. Great with All kids dogs and people. He tend to run thin so we always have to fatten him up. He is a beautiful mini boy and our top smooth stud.

Angel’s girl was born 5/2/19


standard red hidden dapple long coat female. Can do guardianship for only $ 800 Video below

Mousse future stud born 6/13/19


We have high hopes for our chocolate mousse pie and would love a home that will adore him as much as we do. He should turn out to be a 9 lb stud. Fingers crossed

Video with siblings in puppy page

Guardianship only $ 1200

Pumpkin born 5/31/19


Born Memorial Day when our Bella was being put down we decided to keep her in memory of our German shepherd Future mommy

Video below

Guardianship only $ 1000

Ch based green eyed dapple girl born 5/31/19


Stunning mini girl

Can also sell call for price

Video below

Guardianship only $ 1500

Bam Bam’s baby born 4/17/19


Super sweet Black and Tan smooth coat female

willing to sell on spay contract $2000

Video below

Guardianship only $ 600


Born 5/7/16

Wonderful girl she is available in 3 weeks for guardianship for only $500 

or she can retire in January 2020 for $1000

wonderful girl very well behaved. Loves kids and other dogs. Uses pads. Goes potty outside. Her last Guardianship home did not pay for her so we had to bring her home and change our policy. But none of that is her fault. 

They did however over feed her so we will be watching her weight carefully.


Angel’s female Video

Jp Video

Video of Piper

Check out this great video of piper

Video of Angel 1 on 9/18/19

Check out this great video Of Angel

Second Angel Video 9/18/19

Check out this great video

Video of Crystal

Check out this great video

Video of Angelica

Check out this great video of Angelica 9/18/19

Video of Angel and Bam Bam pups for Guardianship

Angel Pup and Bam Bam pup

Video of Pumpkin 9/19/19

Check out this great videO of Pumpkin 

Video of red dapple lh female

Check out this great video of the red dapple female and her brother 

Payment plans are no longer accepted

We are sorry but because of 

Erica L Gundlah 

xxx Lafayette Ave Hawthorne NJ 07506

(civil case pending)

We can No longer accept payment plans on our guardians. Payments must be made in Full Prior to any dog leaving.  We try to trust and help everyone we can, But we were taken advantage of in this situation & we are no longer able to take people at their word. We apologize to all of you that the actions of one irresponsible flakey woman had to ruin it for everyone and hope that you understand.

Luckily we recovered our baby back unharmed. It took a few month but she is home safe.  

Sleeping puppies, Private HOME!!!!

Please be considerate 845-401-9530

We are a private home, NOT a kennel and visits are by appointment only.

Leave a message and only call one time. I understand you are excited but do NOT call 5 times in a row. I take medication to combat breast Cancer.

I will return your call. Always leave a phone number and call during business hours NOON-10 PM ONLY.