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Magazines? Yup we have been in print too!


Stranger Things Noah Schnapp

The cover of a non pet magazine? A dachshund?

well, Stranger things have happened ( I couldn’t help myself)

Dino wandered on set at work and made the cover. The star just ate him up! 

Blow up the picture to see him. Solid black dachshund. We have his parents here too! We can’t wait for the magazine to arrive.  We are huge fans.

This pic made headlines,then went viral on FB but J-Lo and Leonard Sent us their 1st pic in 2008! Ty

J-Lo & Leonard went viral on FB captioned “ can we keep him” and made headlines as well

But the truth is Colleen N. took this photo as a testimonial back in 2008 as a repeat customer.

Who knew? The viral photo is in our albums as well. Then after all that happened that very popular picture yet again was featured in the daily news!



Sky’s litter made it all the way to Revival’s Calendar!