Akc Dachshund puppies for sale in Ny. Champion bred. We will not Ship but do deliver

This page will feature litters with Both smooth & Long coats

This page is for when a mom delivers a mixed litter with both smooth and long coats

please go to our

smooth puppies link

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or visit expecting for our upcoming litter 

Angel’s born 1/20/20 est weights, Colors can change

Godzilla was the largest


Standard EE male - the flash makes him look more yellow than he is- he is actually more Pale

we can FaceTime and show you

There are more pics in the slide show below

weighing 9.3 @ birth

he is a smooth coat

He will be ready 3/16/20

look at how HUGe is at1 week old compared to my hand! It’s like a little lab puppy LOL

Chewy is also a Standard


Chewy is a gorgeous  dapple weighing 8 ounces at birth. He is a looker!
because mom is red and dad is an EC it’s hard to say which he will be. In the end his dapple will most likely hide. There are more pics in the slide show below

also ready on 3/16/20

he looks like a smooth coat

Luke is a beautiful Cream MINI


Luke is  a  shaded cream 

Either way he is sure to be an incredible boy!

weighing only 5.3 @ birth

There are more pics in the slide show below

looks smooth

Sox - names first her white feet in the back


Sox is gorgeous! She is showing traits of a long coat . We named her for the white toes on her back feet- the white tip on her tail and white chest. I never ever breed dapple piebalds here. But mom is a hidden dapple and dad carries for piebald. mom does not! There fore no piebalds would be born. Only carriers.  Weighing 6.6 at birth this week red beauty will have to develop more before I can predict if she will be a large mini or small standard. I’d guess some where in between.

More pictures Below! We would love to see her go to a guardian home  for $1500

if not she is for Sale 

Rey is outstanding! These markings are incredible


The shading on this beauty is quite striking!

weighing 6.8 at birth! She is sure to sell fast! She will be a larger mini or a small standard most likely but we need a little more time to make sure!

There are more pics in the slide show below

again with mom a red and dad and Ec she can change into an EC but my money is on the RED

she is also a long coat!

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Video of Hope latched on

Check out this great video Of Hope and her Siblings

Video of Hope

Check out this great video

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