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Bottle feeding the runt

The price a real Breeder pays- Please respect the process

By Doreen Biasi 2/2/20

Can I just say that we are dealing with Lives? Lives that I have raised, and loved, and nurtured. Lives that I witnessed take their first breath. ( possibly a life that I have saved) Their first bite, their first steps. While I understand that the exchange between us revolves somewhat around the awkwardness of cost please allow me a moment to say a few things here. 

I always ask a budget. ( your budget is not your income it’s simply what you are willing to pay for your puppy) I do this because I don’t want to show you something that’s not within that budget and break your heart. I know that that is a hard feeling. It’s not a tactic or anything other than to accommodate you.  It lets me evaluate if I am willing to even maybe lower one for you in some cases. It can also save us both a lot of time. So please be honest. I get 10 calls a day. 8 will say they have no budget and then finish with they can’t afford The puppies. This is exactly why I ask first—-And then my heart aches.

  Secondly this is going to be our first impression of each other. My first impression of the person I am trusting to love and honor my baby for the rest of his or her life. That is why I require an interview. Do you really want my first impression of you to be —a one word question?

(“price?”) In an email or a Text?

Honestly! Would u go to an adoption center and do that. I would hope not. I don’t one word you (“ budget?” ) I try to talk to you.

   Are we so far gone as a society that we can’t  take the time to do a proper interview? To become educated on the breed and to let the breeder know where their puppy will live? It’s not everyone. I get many clients that are fantastic with this and our bond is wonderful because of it. I just think people might want to give the process the proper RESPECT it deserves when inquiring please. Even if you can’t afford my puppy I will go the extra mile to try and help find you one that you can. 

The price a Responsible Breeder pays

The price breeders really pay

Let’s talk:

These foods are quite costly in the end.

Royal canin

$40 a bag that lasts 2 weeks on 1 pregnant dog, royal canin $40 a case of 24 (1 can 3x a day is 8 days)

When you add up the nuvet vitamins, and vaccines , health certificates, detergent, and wee wee pads- IF nothing goes wrong it averages about $1200-$1500 per litter.  

That’s on an easy litter.

That doesn’t include feeding Mom all year, vaccines,frontline, heart worm etc. increased cost of heating for puppies and ac in the summer

    Let’s talk vet bills. A c section can cost $3500-6000 depending on the circumstances.( You can expect this to be cheaper by location that is why puppy mills thrive where they are)

Time - lost days hours nights holidays bottle feeding school events, family reunions, dr appointments, that’s all just part of the job.  Countless hours on the phone helping clients who may never call back or leave a review for your time!

   This job hemorrhages time, money and emotion. Responsible Breeders who breath life into puppies who are born dead (Noone’s fault just nature)are the very same people hated by animal rights activists. Responsible Breeders who spend up to 2 hours performing CPR are accused of killing animals. Responsible Breeders who sacrifice thousands of dollars on pups who have a 10 percent chance are the same people accused of abuse. Responsible Breeders who take in unwanted dogs from irresponsible BYB who have no idea what they are doing & rehabilitate these poor blind, deaf, double dapples, blind dogs with PRA, disabled dogs with IVDD, bald itchy suffering dogs with CDA—

   We do it! We take money from our programs to fund these side projects and rescue these animals and we are told that we are the problem. Trolls visit our pages and post adopt don’t shop on our walls! They hate us. Responsible Breeders are stereotyped in with the absolute worst that humanity has to offer! Puppy mills and back yard breeders. Filthy scammers. Conning innocent people out of their hard earned income! Making them more afraid to purchase from us! This is why I send you my license on my wall with my name address and business when in doubt. Every day we must prove our selves. In the end word of mouth is everything!

 This is why it is so important to leave a positive review. Even if you don’t buy. So that people know who they are dealing with.  Let that persons time have meaning.  This is why a reputable breeders puppies will most of the time cost a lot more than a BYB. This is why sometimes prices fluctuate. A larger litter may mean we can afford to discount. A c section litter may mean we can’t. Prices are set in advance because we can’t predict the outcome.

  It’s not like a used car when you negotiate. It’s our time, blood, sweat, money and tears. It’s hours of love, sacrifice and heart 💜. I don’t think people realize what they are really asking. 

  Over The last few months I’ve decided to break the silence and open up about what it’s really like. I’ve taken most of you on my journey. Some of you have laughed , cried and prayed with me. Rejoiced during the good, and felt that crushing blow after weeks of no sleep with Squiggy and Hope. 

   I am hoping that this can change the stereotype and show people that Trusting your breeder is so much more important than if your puppy is red or black or dapple!

   It’s better to buy a puppy from a breeder you trust then get one for free from one that you don’t. That decision may cost you so much more in vet bills and heart ache years later.

I want people to see that there is a bigger picture!

   When you walk in a pet store thinking you are saving one life you enable an enterprise to kill thousands. The big picture is lost.  When you purchase from a reputable breeder you are saving a lot of lives! Because we save lives. Because we donate our time and money to those organizations that hate us. Because our puppies will never end up there. Because we advocate against them. Because we speak out and educate! Because the money used in your sale helps another puppy when needed. It puts responsible owners and healthy dogs into the world and out of shelters. 

   There is no Shopping here. Here we are completing families. Does it cost a lot to do. Yes. It cost me a whole lot to do. And it’s worth it. To do it right! It’s when people are greedy and cruel and give us all a bad name that it’s harder to stay above water. But I have to believe that being better and always doing the right thing matters!!!

I have to believe that. That’s my big picture. That’s something that I hope everyone who reads this takes away from this message. It’s hard to find a quality puppy under $1850 because the average litter cost almost that. But we are trying. The vets are increasing prices. I personally give all my puppies all the supplies so that you don’t walk into a place that can give you any diseases. This isn’t cheap too. A dachshund specific training book, bed, food and water bowls, shampoo, food, leash, collar, harness, treat jars in some cases a car seat .  2 sets of vaccines and bordatella. It’s so hard to get the prices lower for people.  And with BYB letting people in their door I have to worry about Parvo walking into mine. So we can’t let anyone in to play with the puppies anymore. It risks everything. We have to quarantine the puppy for 2 weeks if you don’t take it. So because of this a lot of us don’t let anyone come w/o a deposit that can treat the puppies. We have no time for a no- show. Any more of our time can’t be free. We need that deposit to know you will show up and you will take your puppy. I personally have never had anyone not take them but if u don’t you can roll it over into another so it’s not entirely a loss for you. We try to be fair. 

We are letting strangers into our homes in a day and age when ARA are knocking on our doors and gunning us down! They are less likely to do this with a paper trail! Of course we need a deposit first. But thanks to scammers -people are afraid.  The best thing I can tell you is FaceTime your puppy when in doubt! Ask for the license on the wall. Only go to a licensed reputable breeder! And read the reviews! This is why—— circling back—- leaving reviews are so important!

I hope this helps 1 person not get scammed 

I hope this helps 1 person understand 

I hope this helps