Akc Dachshund puppies for sale in Ny. Champion bred. We will not Ship but do deliver

What is guardianship?

Dachshund puppies for sale in Nys

What is guardianship?

Guardianship is a program we designed so that our beautiful moms and dads do not have to live in kennels. Instead they live with you full time as your pet. If you qualify for the program you will join the Akcdachshundny family with many benefits. 

But before we get into the benefits let’s first see if you qualify 

1. You must be at least 21 to enter into a legally binding notarized contract

2. Your home must be stable with proof of residency

3. Are all your pets spayed and neutered?

4. No adult males will be placed with other adult male dogs in the household.

5. Do you to agree to home visits annually

6. Do you live within 1 hour of Middletown Ny 10940

if so you may qualify 

So what are the benefits?

In exchange for guarding our lovely champion bred breeder,

they live in your home as your pet full time for only $500 for 1 adult, $850 for 2 adults or $1500 a puppy.

Thats a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is bring back the male for stud or the female when she is in heat and when it’s time for her to have her puppies. I do all the work and pay all the whelping medical. In exchange for your gas and time away you also get to purchase 1 puppy 1 time for only $500 or if you like the program and choose to stay - my POL is free!!!!!

moms retire at age 4 typically and dads age 7 or 8.

and the best part.

The best part is when mom or dad retires you already purchased them at their ” retirement price” instead of full value so there is no more to pay. Spay and neuter and the contract is complete!!!!

 It is a wonderful way for all our parents to stay socialized and not live in kennels like other businesses. 

Win win for everyone 

Since I started the program when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 ( in remission thank you Jesus)

I have seen several other breeders also advertise a guardianship program around the country. Let’s face it good ideas get around.

I hope you will join the Akcdachshundny family whether it’s through guardianship or purchase. We welcome you

Dapple dachshunds lying on porch

Do we have any?

It’s always best to call for your interview first. As we continue to grow and retire moms we keep puppies behind. The guardians do not always take a puppy for guardianship so it is likely that we have one available that fits your needs. You would be getting our best to continue Our lines. Many families find this a great way to afford a champion bred dachshund they otherwise could not afford.

(845) 401-9530 

I promise to stay up all night and keep you updated on your momma throughout the labor with videos.

I try to keep you updated throughout the entire labor with moms

Leave the worrying to me while you sleep. I‘ll send videos and pictures as the miracles arrive. You will get a firsthand look into the life of a breeder like you never had before. We understand That that you are gonna miss momma but I can assure you that she is in the best hands. After all chances are pretty good I delivered her into this world myself.

(845) 401-9530 dachshundny10940@aol.com