Akc Dachshund puppies for sale in Ny. Champion bred. We will not Ship but do deliver

What sets us apart from other Breeders

We are Honest

We only breed and sell top quality dachshunds. We breed standard and miniature. 

We are Usda licensed, inspected, vet inspected, Usda license #1106, and Akc inspected. 

We give you a 3 year health guarantee on all our puppies. 

All puppies before they leave are vet checked in our home by a licensed vet, given 5 way puppy shots, bordatella, and dewormed with panacure and pretreated with an Albon preventative. 

We are here for the life of your dog. We also donate to local shelters and rehabilitate dogs. 

When you purchase from this breeder you are also helping to save a life in a shelter...so no guilt. 

It's our job to bring families together with their newest member. 

           With over a decade of experience my website teaches you about color, coat, training, food, health care and the breed. We prepare you for your new companion with a puppy kit that surpasses all. We breed smooth, wire ( by deposit only) and long coats. Every color and pattern with the exception of the dapple/piebald mix which cannot be properly registered by the akc and is often unethically bred to hide the more dangerous double dapples .( which we will also not breed) we will not breed any blue or Isabella's. Nor do we carry this in our lines. We believe it to be unethical and advise you NOT to purchase from any breeder who breeds any of these. For more insight you can call us, We always love to talk Dachshund.

            Why do we prefer not to breed dapple-piebalds?

First and foremost they cannot be registered correctly and so many BAD BAD so called BReeders are passing off DD as dapple pies!..not here its rare for one to pull back those lines.
learn more here: https://www.sausagedogcentral.com/blogs/news/irresponsible-breeding-in-the-dachshund-community-double-dapple-awareness

We love to talk dachshund genetics and educate you so call anytime (whether you are a new breeder who needs a midwife or a client)  we welcome your inquiries.... 

   With over 19 pages of happy homes from our old website that we recently reconstructed, we have an excellent reputation with a 100 percent customer satisfaction Rating..

With this breed lineage is very important not price, so pick up the phone and set up an appointment to meet your home raised Akc puppy and fall in love. Our customers almost always come back with our discount within a year for a second companion. Please give us the honor of completing your family. Most of our puppies are housebroken within 10 days of leaving because they are handled daily. Got kids, large dogs,cats..birds?....no worries they have already been acclimated ! 

      I hope you choose Akcdachshundny for all of your dachshund buying needs. Here we sell the show dog quality health and companions to the average pet owner...we sell security ,longevity, customer satisfaction and love. Here we bring families closer! Here we care. 

We take back any of our dogs for any reason at any time w/o refund as long as it does not have a contagious disease. Need to move or rehome?  We hate to see this happen but we will help you advertise and find your love a new family. We understand that life is unpredictable .And we pride ourselves on being here to help. We love seeing our puppies grow into dogs over the years. We encourage you to look at pphotos and ask questions.

         We will not ship our dogs or puppies. We do not allow strange dogs to visit to help protect your companion. We do everything in our power to make sure you have a great experience and recommend us to all your friends. Our foundation has been built on word of mouth! Our vet does home visits when possible to lessen the exposure to contagious illnesses. Here we give you the rarest quality of all. We are honest. I will tell you everything about your puppy or dogs background to be sure you are committed especially when placing a retired adult or rescue . Stop spending money on puppymill pet stores or unlicensed uninspected people who ruin a breeders name. Who cannot replace your pup, or has no contract, who may never pay even if u win in small claims court! Our companions are an investment. We are proud of every puppy we hand deliver!!!!!
And our reputation and forever homes is the proof. U can see actual real customers reviews,photos and praise! you can see our puppies in magazines, on facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube, on tv, in commercials and featured in breeder blogs. we have clients fly in from California, Italy, India and drive from Canada, Maine, NJ, Pa....All wanting the best & that is what they get!!!
         Don't skimp when it comes to your new family member, spending $500 more now can save u $5000 later in vet bills and heartache. I get those calls too many times and every time it breaks my heart. Here we love what we do and we want you to love us too!  We give discounts on repeat customers.

Buying more than 1 puppy?

Recently lost your pet?

Battling cancer? I am a breast cancer survivor.

We discount for that too. We know how that feels. my website is dedicated to my Riley who graced us with her love for over 15 years! when u visit you can visit her ashes...old clients remember her love!
Here we are family! Call and find out what your perfect match is...We sell hypoallergenic wires too! We love to educate...many people do not realize Dachshunds are pack animals.. they are pronounced "dock-sund" meaning badger dog in Germa. Each coat and color has its own unique set of traits from the comedian to little miss independant to the mommas boy to the elegant king...We can help you find your perfect match...Its what we live to do!

We will not ship but we can deliver sometimes nationwide. So call us.

Dachshund puppies for sale in Nys

Dachshund puppies for sale in Nys

Why choose us? Because we actually Care! We love your pup!

Here’s a Facebook post from 12/27/19. It doesn’t get any more Honest than This! (6 pups lived)

Day... what day is it???

11 I think

Day 11 starting.

I have not slept more than an hour since they were 5 days old. Formula. Bottles laundry. Sterilize wash clean. Walk dogs pet older pups, medicate hydrate mom.....repeat. Repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat.

     Kids were so happy to have ham today. They’ve been living on pizza and sandwiches. Ahh the life of a breeder. This is the part no one talks about. The part people don’t see or hear about. The holidays we sacrifice and sleep we lose. People just don’t know. They call us greedy etc... well in the end I think we hemorrhage more than we ever take in as far as income. We do it because we love them. We plow through the sleepless weeks when the average person can’t last hours. We do it for love. We carry every puppy we have ever whelped into this world with us. And the burden of every one we have ever lost. Most People never know the difference between a Breeder and a mill or a B Y B. 

           We don’t get a holiday. Or a nap or a day off. We take the bad with the good and we fight until the last puppy takes its last breath! 

    That’s the Breeder you should choose!

It’s not the price, the location, the color of the dog! It’s Who give it their ALL!

That’s your Breeder!

That’s the difference

Bottle feeding a litter of 7

The next day I wrote this


Thank god the 6 made Progress!

RIP Squiggy!

I am gonna carry that loss for a long long time 😞

No one really knows the burdens a true breeder carries with them.

     The intimate last moments of such tiny babies. The heart ache and dedication! It always amazes me when someone tells me -well I saw someone selling dogs cheaper?????

   Or why do they cost so much?

Really? Because I don’t consider myself selling. I’m working my butt off to complete families. To create life. I guess anyone can find anyone who just lets all the dogs do all the work. Who doesn’t get attached. And pay a lot less. And not have that life long bond that is built between breeder and client. I guess they can still walk into any pet store

 And support an industry that directly contributes to the abuse and suffering of so many innocent babies.  Or a BYB who has no idea what they are doing who thinks it would be Cute to have a litter without any clue what can go wrong! Who would have to let the pups all die because they have to go to “work” the next day. Or worse purchase from a bad one who bears No responsibility and produces puppies bound to suffer with CDA or blind or deaf . Or purposely mixes them creating more dangerous combinations! You see more of these “ designers “ in pet stores. The truth is that NO REPUTABLE BREEDERS sell to a pet store only BYB and mills so they are all MUTTS. Some are bought at auctions!!!

There are So many Squiggies in the world with no one to fight or pray for them. With no arms comforting them as they take their last breath. ...Just to save a few dollars? (Like buying a sweat shop jacket. )To save a few dollars. 🤦🏻‍♀️  

   But it saddens me. I am not sure that people really get it. Maybe now people will get it. Maybe putting this experience out there instead of keeping it inside will spread awareness and appreciation for the few that really go the extra mile. 

   I have to believe it all means something. That even that tiny 12 day old soul that I’ve been nursing and feeding and praying over wasn’t lost in vain. I have to believe that there is a purpose and a meaning. Maybe it’s to let people know. 

It’s not all butterflies and rainbows and sprinkles. It’s not all puppy breaths and wet noses.

That’s the wonderful part. That’s the goal. But every once in a while it’s a month without sleep. A Christmas without caroling.

It’s midnight feedings and blizzards. It’s 3am c sections that always happen on a Sunday when the vet is closed. It’s not hours.. it’s days and weeks of worrying, and praying and loving and giving. It’s sacrificing everything else because nothing else in the house is life and death. It’s a sink full of dishes at 5 am. It’s running out of towels. It’s pizza for the kids all week! It’s realizing that it’s been 27 hours since you had so much as a glass of water or food yourself! It’s warm bottles and hot water bottles and gel packs and home remedies and incubators and homemade nebulizjng chambers and oxygen tanks.  It’s hoping another mom can foster if you have one! It’s praying to God she doesn’t eat them! That’s right eat them! Holding your breath during that first introduction holding the pup backward to do minimal damage to the pup but most likely maximum to your own hand should she turn! The things you can never unsee! 

6 days in the hospital from a dog bite wound infection. Cancelled vacations, missed parties. Rescheduled surgeries on yourself!

Smuggling puppies in shoeboxes to avoid missing a feeding when the kids need to go to the ER

It’s 5 days without a 🚿. 

It’s giving everything you have.

Your time 

your money 

your sleep 

your plans 

your children 

your clients 

your everything 

one hour at a time for Days sometimes WEEKS.  It’s not being able to sleep during your own Flu! Not being able to go to the ER for yourself!! Because they need you!

And most of the time those weeks end up being for nothing. They are so fragile that 8 out of 10 times you will fail. Maybe it’s Gods will, or nature or maybe your body gave out and after 5 days you crashed and slept thru the alarm! That guilt never leaves you. You learn to never sleep again!!! But still you will try anyway. And carry it and learn from it and feel it and cry when u finally hydrate enough to produce the tears. 

When you do it right...

It’s hard work and dedication!

And the 2 times !!! Well they make up for it all sometimes! Sometimes it really is rainbows and wet noses and puppy breath 

  Its a roller coaster 🎢 

Maybe now people feel just an ioda of what it’s like. Just enough to appreciate and not waste such precious time. And not say such insulting things.  Maybe someone out there is hugging their little baby while reading this and can appreciate how lucky they are to have such a wonderful baby.

     It’s a beautiful beautiful hard job!!!

Maybe someone will read this and decide to purchase from a reputable breeder instead of a pet store or a BYB. Maybe they will take the time to give their breeder a glowing review. Maybe someone will think twice before becoming a BYB now knowing what can happen! Knowing that it’s our responsibility because we helped create these lives!!!

These aren’t products that we produce slap a sticker on and sit on a shelf for 8 weeks!

These are lives that we create! Plan with genetics, nurture with love, train with patience, clean and care for in both Sickness and in health. In both life and death. This is a full time job and a full time responsibility!

This is why I want to know where my puppy ends up. I want to interview you on the phone and get pictures throughout the years. These babies each are my blood sweat and tears. I carry them with me always. They all have a story. A purpose. They all deserve as much love when they leave as they got when they started. . 

Maybe that was the purpose!

    So if you have a Dachshund that you love and your breeder was a reputable one please for Squiggy take a moment before the year is over to thank them! Write them a review to let others know. Let them know you appreciate them. Because these little boogers cant talk and they are too young to kiss us. 

And please be considerate and kind whenever you inquire about a puppy anywhere. Don’t waste a reputable breeders time please . It really is valuable. Maybe not to you but to the babies that need them. Be considerate and kind. 

Maybe that’s the message here.....

Or maybe I’m just way too sleep deprived and hungry  and emotional 😉☺️