Akc Dachshund puppies for sale in Ny. Champion bred. We will not Ship but do deliver

All pups on This page are long coats pics Taken 12/29/19

Long coat dachshunds for sale in Ny

Long coat puppies available —All Champion Bloodlines!!!

Long coat Dachshunds for sale in new york 


Don’t see what you want?

Then call us at (845) 401-9530 to see if we can produce it for you. We love talking Dachshund!

you can also see what’s coming....

Always Call Maybe we can help!

Sometimes we have cheaper pups on the way or can afford a discount

I can’t stress this enough. I try to help everyone the best that I can. But I cannot do that unless you call.  I don’t always list prices and I like to know your budget first so I can show you what fits. This also helps me educate you and get to know you. Its how I can decide if I can maybe discount a puppy for you. I can’t do that unless you call and you are honest. I would hate to have u fall in love with a puppy you can’t afford and fee like you had to settle on another. Then I fee bad.

Also We are very busy here raising your beautiful babies. Training them,cleaning them ,feeding them , walking the moms, posting and updating the website and Facebook page. Advertising! Taking photos, etc.... not to mention my children, my birds, and myself. In the end I just don’t have the time to text or email,  I also find it very impersonal. I want to know you.

Interviews are very important! 

If you want to join the akcdachshundny family by becoming a guardian or simply by aquiring a puppy  then I MUST TALK TO YOU to ensure it’s a good home and a proper fit. Every puppy like every person is unique. I want to make sure you and the puppy will be completely 😃 

  I can’t do this when I get one word messages with ”price?”

These are members of your family. I take that responsibility VERY seriously as should you. I can’t imagine that all your questions come down to one. So please have enough Respect to pick up the phone and CALL ME if you are interested in someone you see. If you can’t respect the process and follow simple directions..... then I become very hesitant on where my puppy will end up.  Because I will send you home with a dachshund specific training book and instructions that must be followed to keep them healthy.  How can I do this if you don’t follow directions from the beginning? It’s not a good first impression. This is a very intimate personal thing. It’s completing your family. It’s not a business transaction. At least not to me.  Visit my website ,please read all the pages. We are a family here!  We would love for you to join the family ! So Please respect the process and call.!!

after hours you can text to ask if it’s to late to call!

Thank you.

(845)401-9530 noon-11pm

Please be considerate of sleeping puppies & family

Call 845-401-9530 Noon-10 pm please After hours - try 2 text

We are a private home, NOT a kennel and visits are by appointment only.

Leave a message and only call one time. I understand you are excited but do NOT call 5 times in a row. I take medication to combat breast Cancer.

I will return your call. Always leave a phone number and call during business hours NOON-10 PM ONLY.