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In memory of Nanci who will live on through Vito

Nanci Cerilli came to me while I was battling breast cancer, she too was battling her own cancer
Nanci had dachshunds throughout her life and loved the breed. She was a true spirit.

Nanci had dachshunds all her life

I’ll never forget when I first met Nanci in person. She was so excited. I mean I knew she was from all her calls and texts lol but in person she radiates. She told me how much she adored the breed and shared stories with me here in my kitchen for hours. She also shared her cancer secrets with me and gave me hope during such a dark time in my life As I was recently diagnosed with stage 3c breast cancer at age 39. I was a single mom with 4 kids at that time. I will never forget Nanci and her love for life, animals, and others. She was so sick and she never let me know how very sick she was. She never complained and she had such a positive infectious intoxicating zest for the future and what it could hold.

And such big plans for such a small puppy. Training school, a playmate, therapy dog!!!

The passing of Nanci stopped my heart. I’ll never forget standing on the boardwalk when I got the news.

I have to stop before I cry again...

       When Nanci purchased Vito she kept in contact with me constantly. Close to the end she wanted a friend for Vito. Always putting him first. But that day never came. She was so proud when he finished school and I so happy for her. and of course proud of Vito. Nanci lives on now through her dachshund Vito. All her loving ways. He gets to console those closest to her and I believe that was her intention all along.

In my eyes it’s forever  incredible how 2 sick women and 1 little puppy sat down in a kitchen one afternoon as strangers, and unknowingly changed the world forever.

As u can see she was so very proud of him. Always sharing photos for all of the world to see.

She loved sharing his Photo

She did everything she could to make this world better. We continued to chat about making Vito a therapy dog.

I think we all need a little Nanci in our lives

I wish I got to know Nanci on a personal level earlier in my life. I think we all need a Nanci.

With all the horrible headlines on the news, we all need a Nanci in our Lives. Someone to pull up the shades

Someone who reminds us that the rain is wet and the sun is shining! The snow is falling and the stars are Twinkling! That life is here. It’s now. It’s in this moment. Grab it, seize it. Live it. Love it. Be it. Embrace it. And when life kicks your butt, well then you just scratch your dachshunds butt!!!!! xoxoxo

      When you have puppy kisses

That unconditional love

When you feel that magic and I hope you do

please say hi to Nanci for us all

because that’s Nanci!

Thats the only way to describe her positivity 

Celebrate life
That and Vito
That’s the legacies she left us

Celebrate Life

That and Vito are the legacies she left behind for us all

she left them here to comfort us

Dachshund Nanci

We will never forget you

Nanci has touched so many lives and we wanted to pay tribute to her here at Akcdachshundny because it was an honor to have her join the Akcdachshundny family.  Vito now lives with Maria in Poughkeepsie and that’s exactly what Nanci wanted.

Someone to comfort her in the event of her passing. Vito in the end became the therapy dog that Nanci dreamed he could be.

We will never forget you Nanci xoxoxo

A letter from Vito’s new Mommy

Dear Doreen,

How do I begin to explain how one sweet dog has saved my life? When Nanci was sick, Vito, her dachshund, spent most of his time with me. The words were unspoken, but Nanci knew that Vito would live with me after she died. I actually think she brought Vito home for me knowing that life without her would be unbearable, and that my desire to live on would surely be jeopardized. However, being Vito's mom grounded me and gave me a reason to get up in the morning. He is my connection to her, and I adore him. He is spoiled beyond words. Had Nanci not crossed paths with Doreen, Vito would never had come into our lives. Truthfully, this sweet dog is my life. As I type this, he is sitting on my lap  sound asleep and loved. I recall the day Nanci picked him up, and brought him to my house to meet me. Doreen posted a pic of that day as you can see. Nanci was so happy to finally have another dachshund in her world. I held Vito for a bit, but clearly he wanted his new mother as he whimpered for her. We laughed, and she said he was already a "mollyass, " one of her favorite words. She found comfort  in Vito . I use to take him to the nursing home to see her, and as distraught as she was, he made her smile. One little dog....Vito....her love.

Forever Grateful,

    Maria Albano 

Brindle dachshund

Brindle dachshund